JETBLACK CYCLING APP, written and produced by a coach of Olympic athlete brings you the Indoor training app you have been waiting for. Track and compare all your indoor sessions – use our awesome features to help you train smart.
This is not only a very motivating way to train indoors, but you have a Olympic coach helping, with training advice along the way.
Tracking and monitoring your training progress is essential for best results. The cycle coach app makes it easy and has system’s set up to give you all the feedback needed to excel.
– NEED MOTIVATING (lite $3.84))


SpendAbacus is a personal finance app. It is a powerful and easy to use program that will help you track and understand your personal finance.
Other Key features:
– Simple, attractive interface
– Category management
– Powerful statistics and reports of all your transactions
– Quickly search for transactions and edit from the same screen
– Complete world currency list

JumpyBunny Unity Game

Jumpy bunny is a fast paced arcade game where quick reflexes and strategic thinking will enable Jumpy Bunny to get away with the carrots. View your high score, compete with your friends. Post your achievements to your Facebook wall. Battle for the top spot honors!!

SnugBug – For When You Can’t Be There

Working late, can’t get home in time, away? Let your children (or grandchildren) know how much you love them and miss them by having you read many of their favorite stories played out to them on SnugBug!
Making a snug bug is so easy and you can send them to loved ones all around the world. When you can’t be there; SnugBug can. Have your presence there when loved ones need you. Make a SnugBug today and share them to all your loved ones.


Welcome to SPANQ (beta) – a fully customisable treasure hunt game.
This game is suitable for all ages and interests with the most popular use being for:
– Tourists exploring a town or city in a fun and unique way
– Team building exercises – corporate or social
– Party game organisers and Events Managers – a tool to make life easy
– Family day out to explore with a twist – especially on long road trips and excursions
– Orienteering/cycling/car clubs and the like to provide some entertainment and a fresh way to get from A to B.
– Educators looking for a novel and exciting way to teach history and geography


IconNote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your, phone, tablet
Key features of IconNote:
– Create text, drawing, photo, audio and video notes
– Synchronize your notes into cloud
– Handwriting recognition
– Scan photos to text, text to voice
– Family Sharing
– Search for text within snapshots and images

Let’s Learn – Activities for Children

Do you have children aged 6 months to 6 years? Always trying to think of new activities to do with your child? Let’s Learn is comprised of over 20 categories. Let’s Paint, Let’s Create, Let’s Build and Let’s Explore are just some of the few categories you will have access to. Each category has a range of activities that are easy, educational and made up of everyday items that you will have around the house. Find your child within and have fun with your kids. So come on, Let’s Learn!
leave copy


LeaveHQ is one of the most innovative health system ever designed for the work place.
The system listens, is aware of the environment around it and by monitoring this using its artificial intelligence and analytic system it is able to detect problems within the work environment before they arise.
LeaveHQ has been designed to make managing leave easy and enjoyable for both employers and employees, it implements two advanced doctor verifying systems which certifies medical certificates within seconds.
LeaveHQ also includes the latest survey systems which can produce detailed reports on each employee. By utilizing the LeaveHQ mobile app employers can manage leave and further increase their communication within the workplace, which will help to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Mr Green – New Zealand’s favourite property maintenance franchise

The MrGreen application is designed for the MrGreen New Zealand Company’s customers easily request the jobs offers from MrGreen New Zealand
Key features of MrGreen application
– Customers login
– Requests MrGreen services
– View MrGreen contact information
– View jobs request history